Saturday, December 31, 2016

1986 Roberta Letter -Dec.31

Hi ––

This is some note paper we got from our hiking friend DORIS.  It's from a picture her son took over in Superstition Mtns.

We sure thank you for the watches – neither of us had "good" watches – so especially glad to have to wear for 'dress' occasions!  It's nice too that they are battery run – so they keep on running w/out constant setting and rewinding!  I'm not giving this watch to MISS WENDY!  It's classy too – for us to have matching watches!

THANKS too for the generous $100 check – we have it in the bank (not the checking acct) right now – but will be putting it to good use on something special.  Maybe in the trailer – we have several projects we want to do in trailer & with Joe coming we now have a deadline.  Or maybe we need to put the $ into frames – of the pictures Joe has given us!  Actually that's a good idea!

Enclosing picture of JADE taken on her 8th birthday – Her Mother Bev is one of Sr. Village cooks & stays here when we go out overnight.

We are going out weekend of January 9th – for  3  nights.  No special bike ride – so will get in some good hiking. (+R&R)

Bike now has 1200 miles – & had 1st flat tire today – Happened 35th Ave. between Bell & Union Hills (about 5-6 miles from here) Sid was actually up at the trailer – only a few miles away – but he did get message & picked me & bike up about 2 miles from here.  So – I did get in a little walk.

Sid is already talking menus when you folks are here.  Nothing elaborate – grilled fish & some new vegetable recipes we have tried.  Tonight we had the best Rice dish – w/ added mushrooms, almonds, bamboo shoots + green peppers!  Was it ever good!  Also had some pineapple in it!  Also had stir-fried vegetables w/ chicken in it.

We saw the movie Children of a Lesser God – w/ the head actress being deaf.

Thanks again for watches and check!

Much Love,

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