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1976 Roberta Letter -Dec.28

December 28, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi!  I went back to work today, wasn't planning on going back till January 3 . . . . but decided I would go wacko that long without working . . . guess it is just in my blood now.  Actually I just worked two hours today, Fred and Pauline have gone on a two day vacation so went out by myself.  I know it would be hard to go out day after day by myself.  But in two hours I got seven orders -- five with deposits, two without.  Not bad at all.  I've got alot of deliveries to make the 3rd, and then again on the 15th.

It was nice having John here for a week.  It went by fast, I hope he thought it worth his while to come out.  We were sorry that the rest of you all couldn't make it, but next Christmas will be here before we know it.  Doesn't seem like we got to do that much while John was here, but then we seemed to keep busy most of the time.  The weather wasn't super hot the whole time he was here.  Of course I'm sure it felt cooler to me, than to him.

Thanks alot for everything -- the foot warmers are already getting some good use out of . . . . . the money went toward another pair of earth shoes.  Remember the ones you bought me in Columbus?  They were so worn out and ugly that one day I left them downstairs in the kitchen, and when the cleaning boy came he put them in the trash, but Nina -- the woman in charge saved them.  I'm going to get  a pocket-book, and not sure what else, but I will let you know.  The ear-rings will make a nice change from the one pair that I have out here.  (my jade ones)  And the billfold will be saved until the one I have now must be thrown out.

As for the towels, they too are muchly needed, as the YWCA budget doesn't seem to cover such things.  It was so nice that John was allowed to stay here.  Very convenient and of course the price was right.

What did you all think about the suit he got?  He almost got two -- I found it all quite shocking . . . . . but then the night before he had paid Debbie's and my way into the movie.  Debbie seems very nice . . . very considerate and all.  On the quiet side . . . . as compared to John and I!!

What do you think Serena thinks about the idea of coming out here, while I'm in New Jersey?  To me it would be a good deal for her -- either if she wants to just take life easy -- or if she wanted to work, I don't think she would have a hard time out here in the summer finding work -- I really can't imagine Serena wanting to spend the summer in New Vienna.  The Y is ideally located . . . near the State University . . . one half block from taking local buses (though I have never taken one)  If I'm back in San Diego next year, I sure hope or want to live here.

John and I watched some television -- last night I watched the GE special move -- about a college president who took a year's leave and had a job as a cook in a restaurant, etc.  It was good . . . . That is one thing I'm getting, experience in alot of areas.

The big wedding will be here before you know it.  When we called the Hortons, that was the big subject of conversation.  I'm glad that Grandma is planning on going.

I got another certified letter today from the bank.  I've learned to dread them as they always mean a bad check.  This one was a check for three dollars written on a closed account.  Of all the nerve.  I'm going to have to check it out tomorrow.  These bad checks, etc. cut into my profits.

I again thank everyone for all the nice presents . . . . and I wish you could have heard Pauline talk about all the toys . . . . John did get to meet Fred . . . . wish he could have met Pauline.  We had alot of good laughs about Fred's car --- I'm sure you must have heard about it!!!

Hopefully I'll do better in 1977 about letter writing!!!!


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