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1976 Catherine's letter to John -Dec.8

December 8, 1976

Dear John,

Glad to hear that you are coming out.  I won't write an epic since we will be seeing you soon.  We haven't heard yet whether anyone else is coming or not.  We have not mailed their presents yet so I hope we hear soon one way or the other.  Debby will be arriving around noon on the 23rd.

We are having Christmas for Deedee on the 23rd since she is going to L.A. on the 24th for Christmas & for her uncle's wedding which is the 26th.

We have been planning lots of stuff to do while you & Debby and whoever else is here.  Gerry and I are not sure yet what days we will have off from work.  But both of us are trying to get as many as we can.

We have done most of our Christmas shopping which is good since I don't feel like doing much more.  We have also started mailing some packages and cards.  So far we have received one Christmas card and that was from a lady I work with.

Well, John, hope to see and/or hear from you soon.

Gerry & Catherine

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