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1976 Roberta's Letter -Dec.12

1976 YWCA flyer for Christmas Open House

Hotel del Coronado 1976 Rates – may have seemed expensive then, but would be quite a bargain if they honored those prices today.
December 12, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi!  Just can't believe that its Sunday already again . . . . this last week went by super fast, and with all that happened in it, I'm glad to have starred a new week.  But with a new glass in the Buick, and a new set of keys things seem to be under control.

The big news is I'm very busy with pots and pans.  I've decided to share the wealth, so to speak and yesterday had a delivery boy out, he did a good job, only came back with seven (out of 24) and got bigger deposits on all the seven that he brought back.  He's a good Mormon boy . . . . about seventeen . . . . senior in high school . . . . I don't need him now until Wednesday . . . . the first and fifteenth of the month are my busiest times.

Right now most people are wanting theirs delivered after Christmas.  We are back in Mexican people's . . . . so am using my Spanish again.  They are good pays . . . . and they love the word "special".  Three days this past week I sold ten sets . . . . that's pretty good, if I say so myself.

I got out yesterday and sold two sets in about 40 minutes, so that more than paid for my delivery boy.  Then I just came back and starred my bookkeeping system.  I keep orders separated as to delivery date in envelopes.  What I am trying to do is to get a 3 by 5 card written out on all orders, keep them in a file box in alphabetical order.  Then I can refer to them if a customer calls, and then by having delivery date on the file card, along with other information I can find order quickly.

I bought a major (minor) appliance.  I figured with the money I saved, by not buying a new window for the car (instead of figuring the money I spent by having to buy a used window) I would treat myself to a TV.  I just got a small 12 inch black and white portable, by RCA.  It was just (ha) 84.00 . .  . . The one I bought for fifteen dollars turned out to be more of a tease.  Everytime I wanted to watch something, would get the picture on it, and sure enough within minutes I would lose the picture, or it would get all distorted.  I started to wait till after Christmas to buy it, but then I wanted to be able to see some of the Christmas specials that will be on before Christmas.

Went over to the Morgans today, they had their tree all up, with gifts surrounding it.  We are sorry you all won't be out here.  But then I can understand why you don't want to miss any of the cold weather and all.  (ho, hum)  I'm glad that both Serena and John will be in Washington D.C. Just what will Serena be up to?

Mary, what would you like for Christmas?  You know with you all changing your minds as you did, your Christmas might be coming late.  That way I can miss all the crowds at the post office – ha.  I should say, they can miss me . . . .

This last week, just a few             --- Now about an hour later, and I can't think what I was going to say.  Got Grandmas Christmas present this week. When over at Morgans, DeeDee showed me two two dollar bills that Grandma had sent her.  That pleased her.  They had popped all this popcorn this afternoon to hang on the tree, but when they went to string it, it kept breaking.  Janice needs to use the typewriter so I'll finish this later.

--- Now Monday AM –– ready to walk out the door for work ––

Love, Berta

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