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1976 GHU Letter -Dec.9

Thurs. Dec. 9 [1976]
Dear Family,

How is every one?  Since it is now time for you Harold & Jean to be home from your Carib. trip & we haven't heard a word we are beginning to wonder if mail is suddenly slow or if all is going well.

 This evening Robbie arrived from school & then after supper he & Mary went to a musical at the Mall theater where they have 2 season tickets.  Bill, he has gone on an errand to Uncle Cris'.  They arrived at their trailer home Sun. night for the winter.  I am watching the Walton program & it seems to be interesting & full of difficulties for Christmas time but as all programs it is going to end all right.

I went with Mary to the U.W.S. at the church today as they had their Christmas program with Mrs. Bruhl (?) the minister's wife giving a book review for the main feature.  Many of us didn't hear much for it seemed difficult for her to use the mike & in that large church her voice was weak.  At least the lunch was good, Creamed turkey over a biscuit, peas & small piece of cranberry sauce & a square of ? a lady at our table said it was mince meat placed in a crust made of oats & the recipe is on the can when you buy it.  Whip cream on top, coffee or tea $1.25.

Had a card from Roberta today saying she had gone to the Zoo with Catherine, Gerry & D.D.  She sent me a small square of fruit cake & a package of cashew nuts.  I wonder if she got the fruit cake at a health store.  It is delicious.

While we are not having snow the sun is not too bright, the air cool & a lot of wind.  As the natives always say – This is unusual.  The Miami Herald has not made too much out of the northern weather, may be because they can't brag about their own this winter.  They are concerned about the tourist trade for they made the statement – too many people are going to other places for a change.

Mary still has trouble with her cold or has more.  Hope she gets over it before Jan.  I am getting my papers all right & the mail seems to be coming through all right from the P.O.  Let us know your new Box number, Harold.  I am sorry to bother you but please take care of the enclosed paper for I know I have Denbentures [?] of Gen P.U. which are supposed to be sent in by this notice.

Love to all – Mother

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