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1986 Family Letter -Dec.21

Sunday, December 21, 1986

Dear Family:

We had a nice Church service this morning and are having another program tonight, part of which will be with a live manger scene and then a brief service inside.  Our new Church organ is now a reality and it is paid for.  (Thanks to Dorothy Bernard's will.)

It has been nice having Mary Virginia home with us . . . she is to start in mid January as the choir director of the First Baptist Church in Washington C.H.  They wanted her sooner but she had promised to sing here at N.V. on the 11th.

Friday evening we had a new experience for the year – that of baby sitting.  The minister called us about 6:30 and offered us tickets for some program in Dayton saying that their baby sitter failed to show up.  Anyway we went over so they could go and baby sitting with four children brought back many memories of the good times in our household.  Turned out that the Nusbaums were to have come but they had forgotten which is another long story.

Mary V. had her Crisis Pregnancy Center Group (Board + Volunteers) at our home on Thursday evening . . . really have a BIG tree in our living room plus upteen lights on the outside and all the minor touches on the inside.

Put some straw over our strawberries yesterday plus some odds and ends.  We have been enjoying getting Christmas cards and especially those that have some personal news.  Our FFA fruit has been very nice this month and much better for us than the many pastries that are so tempting.  We did go to the new Ponderosa in Wilmington which was crowded with people.  The Golden Corral steak place will be just across the street so plenty of choice.

[The following is from John's personalized version of this letter which is the handwritten part.]

The service tonight by the children was very good, written and staged by themselves – part outside by a live manger scene.  Kevin's step-daughter was Mary.

Sent you a small box which we hope arrives before the 25th.  Thanks for the lovely birthday card and the nice message.  Belated greetings to Piper!

We look forward to seeing you Jan. 3rd.

Dad and Mother

12/22  Thanks for your ltr today, if O.K. we will be up on 1/3 between 2 & 3 & be glad to go w/you to the services the next day.  –Dad

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