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1986 Family Letter from HH -Dec.7

Sunday, December 7, 1986

Dear Family:

Grandma left on a non stop flight from Dayton yesterday for Ft. Lauderdale.  Dayton is now a "Hub" for Piedmont Airlines so lots of service available there.  Yesterday was also the annual Church Bazaar Day, so we had a complete range of activities from draining the waterpipes at Mothers to other things.

Serena left here Wednesday A.M. and spending the night in Bloomington  IN on the way back to Chicago.  We are glad that she will have a dorm room when she starts school there in January.  We talked to her Thursday evening and things went well with her on the trip.

Mary Virginia has been busy . . . . .  with her Senior Concert and participating on Friday and Saturday, both this week and next in the Madrigal Program in Hillsboro.  We went on Friday night and really enjoyed the performance . . . . and the meal.  It was a full house.  Tonight she is in the Christmas Concert at the College.  There will be parts of Handel's "Messiah" and she is the featured soloist.

The Morgans are going to Maine for the Holidays . . . it will be nice for them to visit with Gerry's family.  This will be another big trip for Wendy.  Catherine is making progress on her dental care.

Roberta is still bike riding and is now in San Diego for a few days.  Hopefully if she decides to go on a "long" (?) bike ride in 1987 that she will invite the other potential family members.

We were glad that X and John made it for MV's concert and also were so good to Serena when she stayed with them.  Serena brought home a "newsy" Church Bulletin where they attended the services.

NV had a big Christmas parade . . . Gene Drake invited me to join him riding our bikes.  Several of the merchants had "open house" with complimentary refreshments.  It was a candle light procession and there were also candles in the business section along the street.

[Love, etc.]

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