Tuesday, January 26, 2016

1986 Roberta's Letter -Jan.26

1/26/86 11:00PM
Dear Folks,

I've been getting out the January birthday cards – Carol, Catherine & Uncle Bill!

Mother, remember the play we saw advertised in Diamond's Dept Store – I did go back & buy the tickets.  It was quite an experience!  We enjoyed the play & also the experience!  The Unitarian Church is sure liberal.  They had a full Bar right in the back of the sanctuary – lots of people sitting in the sanctuary drinking beer & eating pretzels.  Lots of booths – pro abortion & other issues – Serena would have loved it – Mary Virginia would not have been caught dead there!

Friday was a busy day for me – going w/ Sr. Village to the Disney Ice Show – we were given 30 tickets ($9 value each) for the ice show.  Only 12 from here went – so enjoyed giving rest of tickets away to friends of S.V.  Sid picked me up there & then we went to PC.

We have tickets this Thursday to the play – Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf – at Phx Little Theater.

We continue to enjoy the exercise bike – now I've got ear-phones to the Radio/TV that I can use when on the bike.  Sid uses the bike w/ more tension that I do!

Would you please send back Ladies Against Women article to me?

Thanks for calling this p.m. – always enjoy talking w/ both of you –––

Much Love,

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