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1976 Helen Kuntzman's Letter -Jan.18

Rev. Kuntzman served as UMC minister in New Vienna from 1959-1966.  He was born in 1899 and died in 1983, survived by two daughters from his first marriage and the three children that we knew in New Vienna – Reynolds Albert "Rennie" (1952-1993), Tom and Karol.  Helen, born in 1921, died in 2009.

January 18, 1976
Dear Harold and Jean,

Well, here it is almost the end of January, my how time does fly.  As you saw in our Christmas note, Albert had another bout in the hospital but he is home, got home on Friday before Christmas.  Jody and Tory came while he was still in the hospital and Charlie came on Saturday after he got home and they staying all the next week. leaving on the 29th.  We had a most pleasant Christmas.

Did your family get home for Christmas?  It was beautiful weather up here, on Christmas eve about 3 inches of snow arrived and it was just perfect.  We have had some cold weather and snow off and on but only had to miss one day of school so far because of the weather.

We talked when we were down about your coming up sometime after the first of the xxxxxxx year so thought I'd drop you a line and extend the invitation again.  We only have two Sundays with plans and that is next Sunday the 25th and also the 29th of February, so any other Sunday you would like to come will be fine.  If you want to wait for a little longer days and less chance of bad weather o.k. but we do hope you can make it in the next few weeks.  I have been pretty busy with a lot of overtime with my job but that is leveling off now too and it is good to settle back in the groove again.

Albert is feeling pretty good, they have him on a diet and he has lost 26 pounds and is not spry as he was but I think the lack of food and the medication has something to do with that.  He is more content to stay in this cold weather and is good too but come spring I'm sure he will be out and going again.
Don't know any more news to tell you now so come when you can and we will chat then.

Helen & all

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