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1976 Roberta's India Letter to Hortons -Jan.22

January 22, 1976
Dear Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary, Grandma & Rob
      (and could I forget Kitty)

1st of all if my memory serves me right – it is the time of year to wish you a Happy Birthday, Uncle Bill!  I hope you have a happy one and I'll be thinking about you on the 31st!

I'm now in Trivandrum – just 50 some miles from the Southern most point in India – where I plan to go tomorrow.  Three oceans meet there – the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, & the Indian Ocean!

Yesterday I had an experience – came by backwater from Alleppey to Quilon – took about 9 hours to cover 40 some miles – beautiful all the way – coconut trees lined the water – Then from Quilon came on here by bus ––

I like India – but travelling is some kind of experience – getting from place to place is almost as "rewarding" as seeing the sights once there!

In Trivandrum I'm treating myself to the luxuries of life – comfortable bed, hot water, western style plumbing, etc.  It's costing me just less than $5.00 a night.  OH – I even have a bath-tub!  In most of the places I stay you take a bath out of a old medal bucket!

I bought a "Hindi made easy book" and learned alot of phrases, words, etc. But these people don't speak Hindi – Even the Indian people have trouble when they travel outside of their own area.

Except in the big cities (Delhi, Bombay & Calcutta) the telephone numbers are only 2 or 3 digits (i.e. 29, 62, etc.)

You can write me at Bombay – then they will forward it on to me.

Hope 1976 is off to a good start for every one ––Eat a green salad for me – I eat enough rice for all of you ––

Love, Berta

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