Saturday, January 23, 2016

1946 Jean's Salary

In 1946 Jean W. Ballantyne began employment with the Cleveland Public Library at a salary of $0.81 (81¢) per hour.  A paycheck and a salary increase notice are scanned below.

According to the Cleveland Public Library website the Glenville Branch opened in 1909 in the Village of Glenville's old Town Hall.  In 1927 a new building was built at 660 Parkwood.  That library was replaced in 1978 and is now located at 11900 St. Clair Ave.  The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History website informs us that Glenville was incorporated as a village in 1870, settled first by farmers and then by immigrants from Scotland, Ireland and England.  In 1905 it was annexed into the City of Cleveland.  It's lakeshore location made it a fashionable summer residence for Cleveland's affluent families.  By the 1930s the population was of mostly Jewish background with a growing contingent of African Americans.  Riots occurred there in 1968.

Later in 1946 Jean was promoted and moved to a different branch.  We will learn those details in a few months.

1946 Jean's paycheck from Cleveland Public Library -Jan.23
at 81¢ per hour this paycheck would reflect 12.2 hours
1946 Jean's Salary Increase -Mar.1 Glenville Branch, Cleveland Public Library

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