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1976 Joe's Dakar Letter -Jan.25

Jan. 25, 1976
Dakar, Senegal
Dear Uncle Harold and Aunt Jean and all,

I must not wait any longer to excuse myself for not writing my Christmas wishes to you all sooner than this.  But with the art show and Cathy's arrival I was quite busy!  We certainly had a fantastic time together and I'm sure you're already aware of this.  We didn't travel as much as when you were here but we did use our time as best as possible.  Our trips to St. Louis, Banjul and Joal were very relaxing, a lot of fun.  I must be wiser now or just a little lazier but those ordeals from Mopti to Sangha were not a part of Cathy's tour!  She seemed to like the beach a lot!  Alion my Senegalese friend gave her tours from day to day in Dakar while I was at the art show so she did do a great deal.  She did some terrific cooking – cookies and great homemade pizza. I gained weight while she was here!  She was an excellent guest and a joy to have around just like all the other Uibles who have been on Horton Tours Incorporated –

Cathy brought over a new camera and said that you all had bought it for me.  I thank you very much because my old camera stopped working after I got back from the States.  Now I'll be able to take those pictures that I surely will want to take my last days here in Senegal.  You are very generous people and I feel very grateful – Thank you –

Enclosed are some materials I used for the art show; the program, price list and posters.  I think you'll enjoy looking through them.  I'm sorry I live so far away that you couldn't come to see the show.  It was a lot of fun to do.  I am happy that Cathy was able to come when she did so she could share in this big event.

I'm wondering about Roberta.  How is she doing in India?  I know she'll do fine and that's she's having new experiences galore.

My friend Bill Tilton went to New Zealand and wrote me that it was truly wonderful.  He said he was definitely going back one day to live.  He did say that jobs were non-existent.  I'd like to hear about your trip there.

Cathy and I enjoyed your Christmas letter.  She wrote and said that you hadn't got postcards that she mailed from Senegal.  That seems very strange indeed –

How has winter been so far?  I miss the warm fire on a cold winter's night.  All that good food too!

In all probability I'll be coming home this summer – leaving Senegal at least for the present.  It will be difficult leaving friends and a way of life that has given me 6 years of happiness.

I'll be looking into that job for Saudi Arabia as soon as I get back.  I hope I can get something with Raytheon Corp.

Well, time to close and say good-bye – I'll be looking forward to hearing from you soon – thank you for your letters.  My Best to you in the New Year –

Love, Joe

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