Thursday, January 07, 2016

1895, 1905 C.J. Uible - the young man

On a winter day, Sunday, January 7, 1883, Cecil Uible was born in Wayne Township, rural Clermont County, Ohio.  The township borders Marion Township in Clinton County, Ohio.  His younger sister Serena was born less than two years later, Cecil was the youngest son of David and Sarah Elizabeth Smith Uible.  Seven years later his mother died.  When he was 10 his older sister, Mary Louisa died.  Older brother George Clyde died in 1906 and his brother Ennis died in 1910.

Fortunately for us, Cecil married Gladys Hiestand in 1912, when he was 29 years old and she was 19.  And thus continues our family history.

Dates on these photos are approximate as they are undated.  They are, however, identified as CJ Uible, photos property of HH Uible.  In both the 1895 photo and the 1905, a second scanning is the same photo without the framed background.

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