Friday, January 22, 2016

1976 Roberta's India Letter to John -Jan.20

Jan. 22, 1976
Dear John –

Thanks for your "Christmas letter" – and glad that you are thinking about working at Hudson Dream Farm – to me the job as concession operator would be a good one for you.  You would be the one to decide how much you would make – as it would be your job to keep "merchandise" in – also you decide the hours you want to work – and of course – the more hours, more effort put into stocking it – the more $!

I'm thinking seriously about going back – as driver.  I must be writing Mr. Ream but as it stood last year I pretty much have the job wrapped up!  You sign a contract for such & such a job – so you should be safe from being switched to another job.

I'll be there for your graduation!  My calendar is marked – I don't want to miss seeing the 195th class of P.E.A. graduate – which includes my sophisticated brother.

Yesterday I had some day – came from Alleppey [Alappuzha] to Quilon [Kollam] by boat –46 miles – took 9 hours – not the luxury type boat either.  It was a riot – packed full of people getting off & on w/ all their things every 10 to 15 minutes.  Was beautiful – coconut trees along the say ––

I can't believe the classy offices at Wells – who is going to get them?  Yes – I want where the action is – the braiding room ––

The South is really nice – but few "fair skinned" people make it down this way – thus I seem to be the center of attention.  In Trivandrum [Thiruvananthapuram] I'm treating myself to a 1st class hotel – hot water, western toilet – comfortable bed!  The South has more than its share of bugs – I'll be in Ceylon in about a week – will try to get you some stamps from there.

Hey – did they ever find out about the thieves?

See you in March – but in the meantime let me hear about your program for the summer of 1976!


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