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1976 Catherine Letter -Jan.12

January 12, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad and Mary Virginia,

I'm really sorry you didn't get my correspondence from Africa.  Here in Sanford it appears that about half of the postcards I sent arrived.  I mailed them in two batches and the second batch arrived but the first one didn't.  Of course the first one were the important ones like you, the library, Grandma, etc.

I greatly appreciate your making it possible for me to go as I had a wonderful time.  Joe and I got along super-well together and I enjoyed seeing alot of Dakar and Senegal.

I am in hopes that my financial condition will improve during the coming year, especially as X and I should get our affairs settled.  I am planning to repay the money you put into the house as soon as that time arrives.  I got a raise at the library which after taxes etc. comes to about $2.50 / week.

They had some winter weather here in Sanford while I was gone.  I returned to find about two feet of snow on the ground and last night we got about eight more inches.  It has also been quite  cold and windy.  I got some suntan and a few freckles while I was in Africa but I'm afraid it is going to fade fast.

Is Mrs. [Priscilla] Walker still at the Happy Hours?  I didn't hear anything from her at Christmas.  I had some flowers sent and I'd like to make sure they arrived otherwise I can make a fuss at this end of the line anyway.

I was hoping to take accounting through the community college this coming semester but it turns out they only offer Accounting II and of course they won't let me take that until I've had Accounting I. So I have to wait until the fall semester if I want to take it from them.  I might be able to take it at Nasson which I think might be worth it if I'm really up for taking it.  Otherwise, or possibly in addition, I'm going to take either Spanish or shorthand through the high school both of which I've had before but don't remember that much of.

I went bowling Saturday night with a guy named Rick.  We had a good time and I did fairly well for a novice.

I have been on a diet since my return to Sanford as I figure I've gained about 10 pounds during the last year.  Ten pounds a year could add up pretty quick.

I think I'll bundle up now and take this to the post office and do some other errands.


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