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1976 Roberta's India Letter to John -Jan.13

January 13, 1976
Dear John,

How is it to be back in school after your Christmas Holidays?  Do you remember what happened on November 13th?

I'm really enjoying my travels – I've run into some of the nicest people.  I've also run into some real characters – like some "American Hippies" that demanded money from me!  In general I have no use for the American young people that are traveling in India!

I'm now in Otty – it is a hill station in the South part of India.  In the summer the Indians (Rich ones) come here to cool off.  We went to a place yesterday 8,600 feet above sea level.

There is alot of stuff to do here.  The Shahs came with me to Otty – we've been busy & I've often thought of you & know if you were here you would have had some GOOD LAUGHS – like this morning we went on a 3 hour horse back ride.  Then we had our lunch & then went row-boating all afternoon.  Talk about a day and a half – I'm tired tonight!

I sent to you a bunch of stamps to New Vienna.  If you did not get them please let me know.  Also – would you like more – of any stamps – how about the old issues they have out?  I just got you the ones that have come out in the last year or two.  Write to me in Bombay & let me know the situation.

Right now I'm planning on coming home March 13th – the last day my plane ticket is good!  You will be in New Vienna then won't you?

Postage rates for overseas mail went up as of the 1st of January in India.

Hope you are "enjoying" your last semester at Exeter.  Do you see Catherine very much – what is new with her?  I'm anxious to know about her trip to Africa!!

You should have been here to help us ROW today – it was funny!


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