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1976 Catherine's Letter -Jan.19

January 19, 1976
Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary,

Hi!  I'm trying to be more regular in letter writing so I am sending you another letter even though I have not yet heard from you!

I got my pictures back on Saturday.  Amazing, but most of them turned out.  I will send some of them on for you to see at a later date.  I need to look at them some more and see which ones Joe might like to have copies of.  I think I'm having more trouble readjusting to American life than I had in Africa.  My digestive system is not yet completely back to normal.

My social life seems to be picking up somewhat.  I went dancing Wednesday night and last night.  Saturday night I went to a country much show featuring Red Sovine (if you ever heard of him) and Sunday afternoon I went to a spaghetti dinner – party.

X has gone to Chicago this week so I am in charge at the library.  I hope nothing terrible happens while he's gone.  It sounds like he has a fairly good chance of getting into the doctorate program at the University of Illinois.  They don't accept very many though so time will tell.  At the moment I am very satisfied with my life in Sanford so my plans for the near future do not include moving away from here.  I was thinking though that I might spend the remaining one week of my vacation in New Vienna this year, seeing as I haven't really spent much time with you all during the last few years.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Love, Catherine

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