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1975 Sarah Hinerman Letter -Jan.26

Sunday - Jan. 26 [1975]

Dear All,

I had such a nice visit Friday from Roberta, Mary Horton & Mrs. Uible.  Roberta phoned early in the week that she had a school trip up this way, so they all came and we lunched at "The Outrigger," Frances Langford's plush place, near here, I thot [sic] they were my guests but it ended up that we were Mrs. Uible's – very nice but I was embarrassed.

Roberta said she passed all her course and one more semester will see her through.  We enjoy her so much.  (Young people are so refreshing in a retirement area!)  We have nice neighbors though.

Mary brought us up to date re: her family.  She is looking forward to a visit from her new grandchild in March.

The weather here has been so nice – especially while watching what the weather is doing up your way – Chauncey says it's too hot for him.  He needs a week end back up in W.Va. and he'll be rushing back to Stuart.  I'm watching the weather map on TV as I'm writing this and I see snow in W.Va. & Ohio.

It doesn't seem possible that we are almost halfway thru our stay here – that is if we go home last of March (Hope Not!)

I hope the gasoline situation stays in status quo until we get home.  We worried about it last year, though, and made it.  The auto train is backed up thru June, so I hear, so no hopes of that.

I'm sorry you didn't get down here for Christmas but we will expect to see you in Glen Dale this summer.  Looks as if we don't get off the ground up there.

I'm juggling this on my knee –my writing leaves much to be desired at best – do hope you can read this.  I told Roberta I would report to you how we enjoyed our day –

Hope all OK with all the Uibles.  Chauncey says Hi!

Affectionately,  Sarah H.

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