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1975 Catherine's letter - Jan. 25

January 25, 1975

Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Sorry that I haven't written in so long.  I got laid off my factory job two weeks ago but it seems like I get less done now than I did when I was working double.  I keep putting things off now because I know I have plenty of time.  Hopefully I will get readjusted to working less soon so that I will be able to get other things done.

Things have been rather depressing around here.  The ten year old grandson of the Children's Librarian (he lived with his grandmother) was hit by a car and killed.  Then a week ago one of our best friends in Sanford committed suicide.  He had helped us quite a bit last spring and early summer with our house.  And then right after that the girl I was closest to at Miann - her father died.  This was especially sad since she has a 13-year-old brother and their mother died 10 years ago.

It also seems that our marriage is falling apart.  I seem to have become very bored, restless, and dissatisfied, especially since I lost my other job.  The situation is further complicated by the fact that I have developed an attachment of sorts for another guy.  It is nothing serious but it does make matters more complex.  We don't plan to do anything rash but things are rather up in the air at the moment.

We took Kuman to the vet's for her yearly shots, etc and he said she would be best off losing 10-15 pounds so we have put her on a diet which she doesn't appreciate at all.  So far she has lost 3 pounds but it may drive all of us crazy.

We haven't done much on the house at all. As soon as we get a little more money together we will probably start working on it again.  X has signed up to take a wiring course in adult education so that should add to what he already knows about wiring.  I signed up to take bookkeeping do that should add a little more to my rounded education.

We have been going out more often and seeing more of our friends now that I am not working double.  Tonight we're going to the Kiwanis "Presidential Reception," dinner and dance to the tune of $15.

It's almost time for the mailman to come now so I'll try to get this off so it will go out today.  Will try not to let so much time go by before I write again.

Love, Catherine & X

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