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1955 Mary & Harry Hiestand letter -Jan. 30

Mary Olive Cope Spence Hiestand, 1883-1971, is the primary author of this letter.  Her handwriting and style is not the easiest to interpret but she obviously means well.  Mary was the second wife of Harry Clarence Hiestand, 1872-1967, oldest brother of Gladys Hiestand Uible, and thus great-(step) aunt to the Uible-Horton cousins.  Harry's first wife, Ella Gabriel Hiestand, died in 1925 at the age of 49.  Harry and Ella had three children: Lina (or Luna?) Ruth, 1903-1919; Joseph Franklin 1906-2004; and Paul Bryan 1909-1980.

They lived on the corner of South and Elm Streets and I believe the new school mentioned in the letter has now been demolished.

The beginning of the letter is slightly confusing with three lines written upside down in two different handwritings, between the date and the body of the letter. For transcription purposes they will be considered a postscript and added at the end.

Hillsboro O
Sunday Jan 30 1955

Dear Folks,

We rec your card and glad every thing is O.K.  We had been waiting for the news.  I love the name of Serena.  The fifth will be Harold Jr. – Now I am afraid to come over.  I'll sit close to the door.  Mr. Birch Riber [?] had 4 girls and the fifth was a boy Birchie – he is in college now.  Girls are so much nicer when we are old – Boys are just as nice when we are young, and combine them, – They are the most prized and precious possession God ever gave to us humans.

Grandad [sic] & Grandmother will be flittering back in a few wks, to see their new offspring.

We will be over soon as the weather moderates. – I think we have your spoon. – will bring yours over choose two.  I hope.  – I just blunder off and forget things I want to do.

I wonder what kind of weather they are having in Lake Worth?

Mr. Carr (Wilbur Parr) father went home with his daughter to Augalia [?] Fla, that is 150 mi + maybe north of Lake Worth and he stayed 1 wk & flew back. – He said it was to cold to fish.  I was not to cold to fish when we were there.  We just pulled them in and had meat plates piles high.  – The Kids say we are going again this summer. – I am not saying.  Their bones are not so close to the surface.

Mr. H has his tobacco gone – and now he is out of imployment [sic] – He has a wonderful view from the window and never seems to tire of the varied and many sights that pass.  Our new school building is in plain view.

Our oil burner, so far, never seems to tire.  Every body is well and thankful and grateful for the many blessings.

I go to Cinci next Friday to Dr. Heidleman, [?] I am better, and not near as nervous – or not so silly.

We do our own work and by summer time you will think we are a couple of birds much past 16.

Love to all
Mary & Mr. H

[Written in at the top of the first page P.S. from Mary] 
Harold – see if Mr. H and I can get Farmers Compensation Social Security.
[from Harry] I hired lots of men to work for me – [from Mary] carpentry work, etc.

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