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1975 Roberta's Letter to MV - Jan.27

January 27, 1975
Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Right now I'm in school – wait till you get to college – then you can write letters in class too.

We all enjoyed your last letter.  How many girl scout cookies die you sell?  What kind were the most popular?  I bet it was the mint ones – they were always my favorite.

Friday Grandma, Aunt Mary & I went to see Mr. & Mrs. Hinerman.  Mrs. Hinerman, Grandma & Aunt Mary are really a riot together.  You should have been there – we could have had some good laughs.  Of course if J.B. had been there too it would have really been funny!

I had a nice letter from Aunt Ruth – next time you see her tell her thanks & be patient.  Remember when you told me to be patient about hearing from J.B. – well, I didn't have to.  He wrote me right back.

I've been trying to let my finger nails grow – so far it isn't working!

For my statistics course I have had to learn a little about playing cards, because we have to be able to figure out the probability of picking an ace, or a king so on and so fourth.  Sometimes it gets pretty complicated because they ask you about what the probability of getting this on the 1st try, 2nd, or 3rd try given you got it for the try before.

On our way to the Hinermans we stopped at Jonathan Dickinson (sp?) Park.  It was kind of disappointing.  1st it cost us just to drive in the place.  Then I had a list of trees, plants, etc. I was suppose to identify but nothing was marked.  We did see a bald eagles next.

There were canoes you could rent – also there were horse you could ride - for $5.00 an hour w/out a guide or $4.00 w/ a guide.  I stopped to talk to the guy & asked him why it was cheaper w/ a guide and he told me that in the long run its cheaper if the guide just goes w/you from the beginning instead of having to send one out later looking for you.  Of course Aunt Mary, Grandma & I all took a canoe trip and went horse back riding.  (HA,HA!)

We've been having some slow days at work lately.  Down here there are so many people without jobs.  One of my girl-friends just got laid off from work – but I got her a part time job at Ranch House as a waitress.  She worked yesterday for the 1st time – and was making a milk shake (strawberry) and spilled it all over her getting it off the mixer.  I had to go to K-Mart and buy her a new uniform.

Karen has never done waitress work before – but I think she will be a good one – once she calms down.

Do you use your calculator very much?  Are you allowed to use it at school?  We're having our tests (1 theory, 1 actual problems) this week.  I'm very thankful we can use the calculator for the tests.  My problem is I make little simple mistakes – like decimal points or when I want divide – lets say 3 into 12 I put the 4 in first then I divide by 12 so instead of getting the 3 I'm supposed to have I get .333 – it's all out of habit.

I'm now waiting for statistics class to start – I better quit & get my mind ready for what is coming up.

Write when you can – also did you know Uncle Bill has a birthday coming up the 31st of January?  You could send him a belated birthday card.  I'm sure he would appreciate that!

Eat a mint Girl Scout cookie for me –

Love, Berta

[at the end in Grandma's handwriting]  Mary Virginia if you save me a couple of boxes of cookies let me know so I can pay you.  Perhaps Mother doesn't have the room in the freezer for boxes.

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