Monday, January 19, 2015

1955 Serena's birth hospital related -Jan.

A variety of items related to Serena's arrival at Clinton Memorial Hospital in 1955.  Not scanned was a $70 check to Dr. Fullerton and a "prescription" – more like a recipe – for Serena's baby formula, which consisted of 13 oz milk (condensed most likely), 20 oz water, 1¾ T Karo, to be taken in 4 oz bottles.

A list for Catherine and Roberta, who stayed with Oscar and Elizabeth Johnson during the week that Mom and Serena were in the hospital, is also included.
1955 Serena's Birth Hospital Statement - Jan.
1955 Serena's Birth Hospital Statement of Charges - Jan.
1955 Mommy & Baby (Serena) list for items needed while at the hospital.
1955 Catherine & Roberta list for while Mom & Serena were in the hospital.  
They stayed with Oscar & Elizabeth Johnson.

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