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1975 Roberta's Letter - Jan. 23

January 23, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Received your last letter - Dad – thanks alot.  This has been a good week for mail – got your letter, plus one from JB and Serena.

You will never believe this – but FAU is broke and one of the ways they are planning on saving $ is to cut out the graduating class of 1975 graduation ceremony!  If they knew how hard I'd worked for this they would have a special ceremony for me – HA!

It doesn't really make that big of deal to me – but alot of kids  are making a big ruckes (sp?) about it all – so I imagine there will be a little bit of something happening.  Of course you know unless I pass statistics I won't have to worry about any graduation ceremony!

For my ecology class I'm to make a trip to Jonathan Dickinson Park which is near Jupiter.  So Grandma and I are planning on going tomorrow then are to meet Mrs. Hinerman for lunch.  (I guess Mr. Hinerman will be watching the stock market – HA!)

I thought my ecology class – well its called environmental conservation – would be so interesting.  But thus far it has been very technical.  But it's kind of good in a way because the prof. talks alot about South Florida.

Hey – we were curious (esp Grandma and me too) what kind of grades J.B. got.  No matter what he got he's lucky to be going there if you ask me.

I'm doing my independent study on shy a police dept should have a psychologist – and what all he would do.  I haven't gotten started on it yet.

We are eating good grapefruit and oranges.

Where was Ron staying that had the fire – his dorm?  I hadn't heard anything about it?  Did read in the paper about Gary Sharps house being burnt down.

Better eat my breakfast & get something done today!

Love, Berta

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