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1975 Gladys Hiestand Uible letter - Jan. 22

Wed. Jan 22 [1975]
Dear Family -

Our warm weather continues & we hope it may get a little cooler soon.  People who live here rather look forward to a few days of coolness now & then.

Your letter received yesterday also my tax form last week which is on a shelf.  I did look through the booklet & wonder why something more simply can't be made so an ordinary mind might be able to cope with it.  Harold I am enclosing a check for the Drs' fund or whatever you may call it as I have been one person wanting a Dr. in N.V. so will try to help the cause.  I have wondered what amount might be expected from people & for how long a time help might be needed.  Of course that depends on many things.  I declare Dr. prices around here are too high.  I pay $15– & get $8 back from Med. – They base refund on $10 for an office call.  I had to pay $66 – for Blood tests which is out of reason.  I don't know whether there will be a refund on that amount or not.  While in hospital, yes, but out patient there is nothing said in booklet.

Roberta said she could see cookies or rather the boxes stacked in the T.V. room.  Sorry Mary V. but there is no way to help the cause this year unless they move slowly & you put a couple of boxes in the "deep freeze" for grandma.  Wonder if the price is more this year.  I can just see John moving around when he is home.  Wonder what his height is now.  Hope he has gained a couple of pounds.  He has a lot of vacation.

We have been buying very good fruit & wish the grape-fruit from the tree on the lot was sweeter.  Bill is no fruit grower 8t seems & several of the trees are gone.  I notice where the mulberry tree is putting forth leaves, but it needs water.  Hope it has a few berries this spring.

The visit we use to make in Liberty, Ind. was to see Grandma Uible [CJ's step-mother, Andelia Eglantine Hudson Shull Uible 1845-1937, married David Uible in 1892] who went to make her home with her son William (I believe) Schull a brother of Mat. S. who lived in Wilmg. before his death.  Aunt Martha S. was the one living in Wilmg. but I simply can;t think of the Aunt's name in Ind. who passed away years ago.  They had one daughter but I don't know what became of her.

Rob is having a forced vacation.  He got up sick yesterday & is not too good to-day.  Said his head was in a whirl, with sore throat & a little fever.  Hopefully the rest of us don't take over with it.  Of course his studies take some effort & he simply will have to work away at it.

Too bad about the boys at school having fire trouble.  They were fortunate that they were not hurt.

Cris phoned the other evening & was quite happy.  It seems as if he had drawn up some plans for his company some time ago for expanding or new buildings & they have been accepted.  He is still down hearted about Donna.

Marianne phoned Sun. & said they would try to come to L.W. Easter time for Larry can get 2 weeks vacation then.  That will be nice if they can come while I am still here so I can see the little fellow.  He is not going to be little long, for he now weighs 14 lbs & is 24" long.  Where we will all stay is going to be a ? Marianne though the 2 grandma Ks could come over at that time & be here.

We had Cris [Uncle Bill's brother] & Laura for dinner last Sun.  They have had guests & were expecting some friends to stop by any day for a call or short visit.

The cereal article was interesting.  Seems as if we had better use more oats for nutrition.  I never have used the sweetened kind.  We do try to have oats during week at least once or twice.

Our tourist class meeting was last Fri with our teacher showing slides from her trip to the Holy Land.

It will be nice for you all to come to Fla.

Love - Mother

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