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1955 Lucie Brown Ballantyne letter - Jan. 20

Jan. 20 - 1955
Dear Jean Harold & girls:

I was so glad to receive the good news of the arrival of Miss ? Uible and give her a most cordial welcome into the Ballantyne Uible clan and everything was alright.  Virginia kept saying over the phone to write you to name her "Virginia" but I think that is for you to decide just so she is a dear little girl like her sisters that is all we shall ask.

I received the lovely pictures yesterday with "Santa Claus" and every one raves over it that I have shown.  Mrs. Atkinson had get [sic] a nice frame for it.  I would like to see them when they see their new sister.  If Harold hadn't named the boy "Herman" before his arrival but he never could have stool that title.

I wish I could drop in and see you this evening but I am thinking of you and all your dear ones.

I am ashamed o say that I don't know what hospital you are confined but I feel sure it is the Wilmington.

Dr. Fullerton just made it on his last date the 20th.

Much love and the best of everything for the darling grand child, and all the family.

"Grand-mother Lucie"

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