Monday, January 05, 2015

1975 Catherine's letter -Jan.5

January 5, 1975

Dear Mom, Dad, Serena (?), John & Mary,

We made it home in plenty of time with our luggage and picked up Kuman on the way.  I must have gotten too much sleep in NV for I didn't sleep much the two days after we returned.  Things at Miann have slowed down considerably.  They have two assembly lines and lat week they filled the one I work on to capacity and shut the other one down.  This puts three people out of jobs but they haven't been laid off – yet anyway.  I even heard one rumor that the whole place was going to close down.

I gave a pint of blood to the Red Cross on New Years Eve.  The Red Cross just recently took over the blood donation program in Maine.

Business at the library has been quite brisk now that the holidays are over and school has started again.  X has been putting in extra hours trying to get the addition plans finalized.  We have also been receiving quite a few gift books & records, plus the new books and compiling statistics for 1974 has been keeping me busy.

Kuman went to the Vet for her shots so she could get her 1975 license.  The Vet said she should lose about 15# (she now weighs 83) so we have her on a diet.  She isn't real happy about it.

We really enjoyed being in NV for Christmas.  Thanks also for the use of your car.

Catherine & X

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