Sunday, February 16, 2014

2004 Catherine's postcard -Feb 15

Boyce Arboretum State Park postcard - mailed 2004. Captioned: Arizona.  Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park was established in 1920 by botanical enthusiast William Boyce Thompson as a center for plant research.  Stroll through these high desert gardens, picnic or enjoy the exhibits.  This oasis in the desert is located three miles west of Superior along US Route 60.  Photo by Princely.
2004 Catherine's Boyce Arboretum postcard -Feb 15

Hi, Wendy!  How was the trip to Flagstaff?  Would you recommend the hotel? (Monte Vista?)  We had a quiet, private (after taking your grandparents to the airport) and of course romantic Valentine celebration.  Hope yours was memorable for lots of good reasons.  A new holiday to celebrate is Vegantine Day – any day is a good day to be a vegan!  Be kind to yourself and be proud of the uniqueness of you!  I'm proud to be your Mother.  Love, Mom

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