Sunday, February 23, 2014

1983 Mary Postcard Feb 23

I had originally thought this postcard was dated 12-22-83 and had it filed with the Dec. "3" items but on closer inspection the date I had read as 12-22 was !2-22, and the postmark clearly reads FEB 1983, therefore it is a year late from when it should have been posted.  Being addressed to Grandma and M/M HH and the Hortons, must indicate that Roberta and Mom and Dad were visiting in Florida at that time.
Garfield "Miss Me?" Postcard mailed 1983
1983 Mary Post Card Feb 23
Greetings from warm Ohio!  The weather has really been pretty and "springish" since Sat.  Lots of kids trying to get a tan.  Got my schedule for next quarter ok'd today - Will be taking Crises in Christian Hist., Public Speaking, Accounting, New Testament Studies, Golf and Soccer, which is a total of 14 hours, and the same time schedule as this quarter.  Karen Hewitt & I are discussing the possibility of Florida over Spring Break???  Not much else new.  The car will be in good condition by the time yo people come home Monday – Long Story –

See you then.  Love – M.V.

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