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1974 Sarah Hinerman letter -Feb7

Thurs. 2/7/74

Dear Folks,

We had such a nice day with Roberta today.  She phoned last week that she had today off and we looked forward to her trip to Stuart.

We ate lunch at "The Outrigger" (Frances Langford's place in Jensen Beach) and she enjoyed the boats, scenery, etc.  She kept within her weight watcher bounds (chicken chow mein).  It's a lovely place & she had seen it advertised on TV.

We haven't done much since arriving in Stuart (12/16/73).  The Kingrees' were here week after Xmas – they stayed at the Sheraton but ate here – Those boys (girls too) had good appetites but we managed to fill them up.  Sarah Jane came back to a meeting with Ben Jan 18th.  They flew down and while Ben worked we visited.  They were just here one day & over nite, left next a.m.

Roberta filled us in on all The Uibles' activities, etc.  We went up to The Mall & looked around (32 shops within sight of our apt.).  She located Wells Jacks in a novelty store.  After that tour she left for Lake Worth.  She had a class tonight.

I certainly was surprised to see that svelte young lady.  She looks terrific and that course has given her so much poise.  She is quite an attractive girl – She has so many irons in the fire but keeps up with them.

We lead a quiet life & the gas situation keeps us in Stuart but plenty to do (and eat, alas!) here – Hope we can get together some time.  Roberta said she would come again ––

Love to all, Sarah

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