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1974 Roberta's Letter -Feb8

February 8, 1974
Dear Family,

Hi!  Just finished watching the new T.V. program "Good Times"  Did you all see it?  Grandma thought it was funny though I'm not sure if she got very many of the lines!

It was good to talk to you all last night – John that is really dynamic about your winning the trip to Washington D.C.  I'm going to the Florida State Capitol next week-end but here you are going to the Nation's capitol!!

I really had a good time going to Stuart and seeing the Hinermans.  Mrs. Hinerman drove me all around showing me where all the super rich people live, etc.  We ate out at the Outrigger Restaurant – really good – but it wasn't in the Mobil Tour Guide book – I checked.

Mrs. Hinerman really seemed to be in good health to me – she said that she wanted to come to New Vienna again and spend some time.  She laughed about how she cut her stay after Catherine's wedding short by a day because she was worried about her husband eating right.

Mom – do you have her address? I'm sure she would enjoy hearing from you – It's 2000 East Ocean Blvd, Apt. 9M, Stuart Fla 33494.  She called me Jean more times than Roberta!

We got a letter today from Catherine w/ a small picture of her & X included.

W.W. this morning was about the same – those women are something else.  The big problem is that most of them just have between 10 and 20 pounds to lose – and don't want to give up anything to do it – but want to do it in a couple of weeks!  One woman asked me if she could bring her cook next week to talk to me – I said sure but I'd be gone so she could talk to someone else – but the woman said she would wait till the following week!  That should be interesting!

Our plans are all worked out now as to going to Fla State.  I have an appointment 2/ a man in the criminal justice department for Friday afternoon.  I can't believe I'm finally making it up there – it's taken enough time!!  We have reservations at the Ponce De Leon Motel – it's a place the school recommended – also it's 2 stars in the Mobil Tour Guide Book.

I'm going to bed – I've got a small cold – my own fault – I was bragging to someone the other day that I hadn't had a cold since I joined W.W. – so the very next day my nose starts running!

Now Saturday morning – 8:30 AM I just got done eating my breakfast – French Toast and a juicy Florida Orange!!

I've still got my plane reservations – the problem w/ getting a ride home is that the boys exam are over before mine – which means that (1) they would have to wait on me or (2) I would have to talk to 2 of my professors about taking the exams early.  So I'll let you know what happens.  I was supposed to pick up the airplane tickets by yesterday but I called them and asked them if I could wait until the end of the month.  They told me all the longer they could hold my ticket was till the 20th of the month.  Hopefully by then I'll know exactly what's up.

Tonight is the All County Band program that Rob is in.  It's to be held at a high school north of WPB so after work I'm going to go & meet Nancy & Barbara then we're going to eat out at Bonanza (like Ponderosa) and then go to the band program.  It's the 1st time I've heard Rob play since the 4th of July when you all were down.

I'll have to write Serena about when & how she is going to PA?!  Grandma thinks it's something the way we "always are on the go."

I'm going to look today for a raincoat 2/ a zip in lining.  I want to buy one before I come up "NORTH" in March!

Well, I better go –– keep the mail coming –––

Thanks for making the appointment w/ Dr. Schnebly.  I'm sure happy to say that I'm much thinner since he saw me last!

Love, Berta

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