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1974 Roberta Letter -Feb

Roberta must have written this letter about Feb. 10, 1974, due to the subject matter being a continuation to a letter she wrote on Feb. 8.  That coincides with a visit by Mom, Dad, John and Mary V. to Maine which included a visitation to Exeter Academy in New Hampshire where John would later attend.  The letter was most likely sent to Maine to be shared with the family.  Transcription follows.

[February 1974]

Dear Family,

Hi!  Well, does [do] Catherine and X have you all lugging rocks to help them build their new house???  I can just see you all out there now??

We got your letter today Catherine, thanks.  Maybe you have already heard but my exams came out amazingly well.  Like I got an A in Manpower Development and a B in Social Psych.  Last week I was ready to drop Social Psych. I, this week I'm ready to register for Social Psych. II!

I imagine you've already been told, but I went last week to see the Hinermans.  Mrs. Hinerman will NEVER forget your wedding!  She introduced me to her friends s the sister of the girl that got married at 5:30 in the morning, etc., etc.  I got the idea that they knew all about your wedding!!!

I'm going this weekend to check out Florida State Univ.  I've been told that as long as you stay in the same major you can switch from one state univ to another without losing anything, so I might as Fla. State does have a good criminal justice program.  Drive back and fourth [sic] to Boca is getting me down, especially now with the problems of getting gas.  I'll keep you posed as to my plans. . . . .

I had a very trumatic [sic] experience with the medal monester [sic] (the scale) today!!  I have gained a pound and a half, since last week.  I've been over a month trying to lose one pound, so now I have two and a half pounds to lose.  My cold this past week hasn't helped the situation as I've been taking cough syrup, cough drops, etc.  My VERY POOR EXCUSE . . . . . but I wish you could hear the excuses I hear from some.  Well, I better be closing . . . . . . I'll be up to see you all when the house is all built and either in July or August!  (ha)  We look forward to the next scene . . . . . as to the stationery!!!

Love, Berta

PS  My hours at Burdines have really been cut –– cause business is so BAD, only 4 hours on Saturday & Sundays.

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