Thursday, February 13, 2014

1984 Catherine's postcard -Feb10

Valentine Snoopy Postcard -mailed 1984
1984 Catherine's Valentine postcard -Feb10

Hi!  Thanks for the Valentines and the $$ which arrived today - 2/10/84.  I also got a belated birthday card from Mary V.  It was the fourth one I've gotten this week which included one from Serena and two from Maine.  I appreciated them all just the same!  It helps stretch out the celebration that way.  Wendy and I have been reading the Betsy - Tacy - Tib books by Lovelace.  She really likes them.  Right now we are on Betsy & Tacy Go Downtown which is the 4th in the series.  Maybe next we'll read the Betsy books by Haywood - just to keep with the same name!  In this Betsy & Tacy book we're reading now Betsy makes her first visit to the "new" Carnegie Library.  We are going to celebrate Valentine's Day by cooking Chinese food.  Gerry & I went to a Chinese restaurant in Portland, Maine on Valentine's Day in 1976.  Gerry is in hopes of playing golf again this weekend.  The weather has continued to be mild with lots of sunshine although the wind has picked up the last few days.  Love, C, G & W

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