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1953 Calvin Smith Paris postcard -Nov.18

This postcard from Calvin is included at this time to serve as a prelude to the Europe trip coming up in March 1954.
Paris Book-stores along the Seine postcard -mailed 1953
1953 Calvin Smith Paris postcard -Nov.18
18 Nov [1953]

Dear Harold & Jean,
I always seem to forget the most important people when I start shipping out cards by the dozen!  but, really, I haven't forgotten you & must thank you for your tho'tfulness in seeing me off so royally.  I'm having a wonderful time, not doing a bit of work.  Although I'm auditing 5 courses (which meet once a week) I do only what reading I please.  I've spent a day at Versaille, one at Malmaison (Napoleon's home); have visited several museums, been to the opera once, the Folies Bergere (!), Pigalle, Bois de Boulogne.  Have a very charming room with an elderly couple, just a few doors from the Seine, within shouting distance of Notre Dame, & I can see the roof of The Louvre.  Don't forget that you're to come over next summer.  Love & Kisses to the girls.  And drop me a line.  Sincerely, Calvin

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