Wednesday, February 05, 2014

1984 Roberta's Letter -Feb4


Big Day yesterday – finished (FINALLY!) ALL – the thank-you notes!  Got the last in the mail today – THANK GOODNESS!

And got these pictures – happy w/ most of them – esp. since we thought they had all not turned out!

Went to the Broadway Dept. Store – Metro – Huge 1 Day Sale – bought 6 skirts for $45.  Two regularly priced at $36.00.  All really pretty & go with tops I already have.  Tho – of course I could always buy new tops now!

Thanks to the use of credit – got the last (hope) of the wedding bills paid.  The flowers – which were the shortest lived!

Thanks again for all your assistance –– financial & otherwise!!!

Much love, R–––

Looking forward to Serena's Arrival!

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