Tuesday, February 25, 2014

1984 Roberta's Letter -Feb25

Dear Folks,

Hi!  Here is lots of good reading for you – does give a better background to Sara, Cynthia, & Judy.

Judy's daughter Sally has been in the hospital this past week – severe case of the flu.  Guess doing OK now.

Serena left early AM – off to shopping Center to open up Bank Acct., etc.  We plan to go to spa this aftn swimming.  Sid's busy redoing phone systems – now have both office & personal phone on table near eating table – where just personal one was before.

Serena has been out for quite a few bike rides – etc. – already.  She will be a big help in getting news letter out!  Sr. Village's 1st news letter to be released this coming week.

Talked w/ Aunt Mary this AM – she had note from Joe saying he had enjoyed very much visiting w/you all but he thought Jr. Kintners were spoiled, couldn't get long away from T.V. / usual eating habits.

Still not completely decided on FLA trip to see Grandma.  Would like to go for less than a week – but w/ air fares being so high not really practical.

The Phone Comp here has really got you coming/going now.  After 3 free directory assistance (INFO) calls – for local #'s charge of 50¢ each!  Even worse – charge of $1.50 per Info call for long distance #'s.  I'm going to start using pay phone for info.

Happy Reading!

Much love, Roberta

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