Saturday, February 01, 2014

1974 Catherine Letter to Mary -Jan.31


Dear Mary,

 It sure seems like we get alot of letters from you.  I'd say we hear form you more often than anyone else.

Yes, X is still alive.  He just isn't able to write.  Ha!  Maybe I can get him to sign his name to this.  [didn't happen]

I wrote a letter to Roberta the other day.  Now she owes me one again.  I got a birthday card from Marianne and one from Mrs. Walker today along with your letter.

It is a real nice day today, the temperature is about 50º.

Well, we got winter back.  It is now 15º and Kuman is whining because she wants to go for a walk.

Tell Mom & Dad that I have got Friday & Saturday off from work so I can meet you in Boston on Friday.  Le me know what time.

Well, I'm going to take Kuman out now.  X isn't here so he won't be able to sign this.

Love, Cathy and X and Kuman
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