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1984 GHU Letter -Feb6

– Mon – [2/6/84]

Dear Harold & Jean,,

It really is cool this morning.  Mary was going to do some laundry this forenoon & has decided not to.  Yesterday Mary & I & also Frances attended evening service or rather Vesper service for it begins at 5 P.M. to 5:45 or a few mins. later.  Subject more on Wesley family.  John & Bill were watching a golf tournament, then we had some supper after our return.  Mary had charge of music because the U.M.W. had charge of part of the service.  A fair turn out.   There seemed to be more people at morning service than usual.  Perhaps more tourist have arrived.

We have had our share of cool weather & wind this winter so far.  Not good beach weather.

Cindy's mother is here for a week.  They had invited us to go with them Sat. evening of dinner.  But I declined & Mary & Bill said they didn't like Mexican food & that is the kind of restaurant they planned to attend.  So they went & came here for desert [sic].  Rob had evidently eaten too much for he was complaining of a pain as if he had indigestion so Mary gave him soda water.  He didn't feel too good while here.

Rob has taken on another job working by showing how to use health equipment in a new place that has opened in W.P.B.  I believe his hours are 5 to 9 PM.

Mary& Bill don't know as yet when they are taking off for N.Y.  I wonder if they will go until warm weather.  May be when they take off for the golf tournament in Ga. about Easter time.

Harold I sent my tax papers Sat. so please take care of S etc. & Co. also I can pay same.

Love to all, Mother

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