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1984 Catherine's Letter -Feb7

The Flying-E-Ranch stationery was probably obtained on our family trip there in 1979-80. I know we went at Christmas time but was it after the New Year?? Transcription follows.

Tuesday, February 7, 1984

Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi! Please excuse my tardiness in not writing sooner. The days seem to go by without my getting any letters written.

Thank you for the birthday $$ and for calling.  I spent $10 on a microwave coffee pot but I haven't found anything else yet.  I was hoping to buy a new light weight jacket/raincoat but I can't find anything around here that I like.  We may go to Portland in March so perhaps I cand do some shopping then.

Wendy is anxiously awaiting her proposed trip to Ohio.  She asked me tis this morning if I would let her know when it was "a few days before June" so she could start packing.

How lond [sic] was Serena in New Vienna?  I assume that she has probably left for Arizona by now.  Was she driving her car out?

We have had some very nice weather here.  The warmest was when I talked to you around my birthday but we have had all sunny days except one since then.  Gerry played golf this past Sunday, I walked up to the golf course and met him and then we hiked for about an hour in the area north west of the golf course (toward the airport).

Wendy got her hair trimmed on Saturday and Darlene (who cuts Wendy's hair) put in pony tails for her.  Wendy was thrilled and has been wearing them every day since.  I can fix them OK since the parts were already there but I don't know how I will do after we wash xxxxxxxxx her hair again.

Things at the library are moving along.  We are about to make the purchase of an Apple computer with donated funds.  Today is the every-other-month Board Meeting.  We are going to discuss such problems as whether to re-roof the building (the back part has been leaking heavily this winter) and should we buy a new gas heater to replace the one that is acting up.  I am in hopes of hiring a new part time person to be the Children's Coordinator if I can find someone who wants to work only 6 hours per week as that is all the extra hours we have.

I saw an interesting article in the March 84 issue of Science Digest about new discoveries at Machu Picchu.

Thanks again for the birthday!

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

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