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1974 Roberta's Letter -Feb5

February 5, 1974
Dear Family,

Hi!  Goodness – you all are sure spoiling us w/ all the mail we've been getting!  Mary V. we always enjoy hearing from you – I guess John is too busy tutoring & all to write!!

Yesterday was a very shocking day at school – we got 2 of the midterms back.  On the one – Manpower Development I got a 94 and on the Social Psychology one I got a 86!!  I was really surprised as to the Social Psych one.  In fact I had gone to the trouble before class to go and get a drop slip from the Registers office so I could drop it if I had gotten an F on it!!  It was all essay and he gave each of us a copy of it yesterday.  I'll try to remember to enclose it.  [Scanned below.]

Terry and I are making final plans now as far as going up to Fla State.  We're hoping to go next weekend – that is if I can get off from work.  I've got to cal W.W. & Burdines both later today.  We were going to drive up – but have decided not to either take the bus or maybe a train.  I've also got to call them up later today.

Right now I'm at the doctors office – waiting.  It's 10:25 and my appointment was for 10:00.  Seems like all I've done so far today is wait – as I went & got gas this morning and had to wait about 20 minutes there.  But really so far not too much time wasted as I've done some W.W. planning and now writing this letter.

Tonight I'm spending the night w/ Nancy – one of the girls I "car-pool" w/ down to school.  We were going to get together last Tuesday night to study but didn't so thought we would all get together this wee, and mess.  Dorothy joined W.W. e weeks ago and Nancy is to join tonight.  Nancy is quite heave – about 220 pds – and only 5'2".

It's something that the Riders are both W.W.'s  I'll have to talk to them when I get home.  It's really going to be a W.W. block w/ Doris, the Riders, etc.

I got a letter yesterday from the w.W. Camp man saying that the camp workers had already been filled for this summer but that they would soon be working on the 1975 Camp people.  Gee – that seems like a long time away.

Got a post card yesterday from Mrs. Hinerman giving directions on how to get to their place.

Spring Quarter class schedules came out yesterday – it won't be long now till we have to register for it.  It looks like Mondays & Wednesdays will have it again!!

Oh – yesterday we went to the Royal Dame de (sp?) plaza in Boca to eat.  It reminds me of Palm Beach – all of these small shops, etc.  Well – in one of the shops on the front window display there was Wells jump rope, jacks, chinese jump rope, etc.  It was all small toys.  I wish I would have had my camera – I would have taken a picture of it all.  Imagine Wells toys in a front window – of Boca Raton – no less!!

––– Now at home – just filled out my forms as for us going to F.S.U. next week-end.  I don't think I said earlier but they are having a special week-end deal for transfer students.  We are going by bus – leaving 8:00 p.m. Thursday night will get there 8:00 a.m. Friday.  Then coming back we leave at 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning & get back here 8:45 p.m. Sunday evening like good ole Greyhound (slow Greyhound).  I'd fly – but that's more than double the bus fare.  Bus fare is $31.55 – Round Trip!

I've got to be going as I'm to meet Nancy & Dorothy in about an hour ––––

Will write more later ––

Love, Berta

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