Thursday, March 21, 2013

1973 Sarah Hinerman Letter - March 21

Have to transcribe this letter to find out whether it is worth sharing – the handwriting takes some effort to interpret, since it is unfamiliar, so have to share it because of the effort involved, regardless of the interest.  Names may be spelled incorrectly.  (Is his name Clancy, Chauncy or Chancy??)  Transcription follows.

Hi All,

Whatever you're saying about me I deserve!  Glad to get your letter this a.m.  We did so enjoy Mary and Mrs. Uible's "pop call" but they couldn't stay long.  We wanted them to stay to eat but they said they had to get back.

I was having some pains in my left rib cage and that is one reason we came home a little early.  I went up for appt. with Dr. Castro Monday and had many x-rays, blood test, – not a word form him.  I was sure I'd have to have some more treatments but he hasn't phoned yet.  The pain has diminished and maybe it will just disappear - not yet, however.

We stopped in Atlanta en route home for one day with the Kyrees' Chancy's limit for visiting) they love Atlanta altho it's too big for me!  They have a lovely home in an area of beautiful homes and the Dogwood Festival is coming up next week which will show off their dogwood bushes.  The "younguns" are doing fine in school, – all like it except Leslie who gets homesick for Shelbyville.  The younger ones adjusted easier.  They all have gotten actively involved in Church work (St Luke's Episc.) and made many friends there.

I surely would love to come to New Vienna some time and surely we can make it for one of your "affairs."  They told us about Catherine & X's move – pretty cold up there!

Hope all is well with all of you.  I think of you all so often & what a nice family – The Uibles.

Love to all, Sarah  – Chancy sends regards
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Mary Crowson said...

As I recall his name was Chauncey and the other name is Kingree or Kingrey? Which was their daughter---they had a daughter my age. We attempted to play together and (thankfully) never saw her again....

Serena said...

Chauncey Hinerman

Leslie was my age - we had a great time at the WV state park when the families got together - although I think that was the only time we got together, at least when I was there. Probably once Sarah Hinerman died . . the get-togethers were over.

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