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1973 Catherine's letter - March 15

Catherine prepares to move to Maine and visit New Vienna one more time before heading northeast.  Can't believe there is a paragraph about TV shows.  Transcription follows.

7:45 Thursday Morning, March 15 [1973]

Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John, and Mary,

Hi!  it's been like summer here too.  Yesterday it rained all morning and then the sun came out and it got up to 70 in the afternoon.  I heard somebody say yesterday that there isn't going to be any more winter.  It seems hard to believe that we had a winter.

We missed the latest Geographic special.  Let us know sooner about the next one!  Do you watch the America show that xerox sponsors?  I think it's really good.  Did you see the NBC show called First Tuesday --it's on the first Tuesday of every month and they sml show someiinteresting things.  Part of the last one was on the enrichment of factory jobs.  Also saw an article on that in the recent National Observor [sic].

I think instead of going to Williamsburg and Charleston that we will come to New Viennan next weekend  --that would be March 22 or 23.  We have a test the evening of the 22 but we hope to be able to get out of wit by taking it early so that we could leave Thursday afternoon.  Otherwise we would leave Friday morning.  Is this all right with you?  If not, you can call us before 9 A.M. or after 9 P.M. and let us know.  Assuming it is all right (which we will unless we hear from you) could you make a dentist appointment for me either late Friday or Saturday.

We are still making progress on the packing.  All but a few of our books are packed up and most of our clothes except for a few things to wear between now and then.  We got a letter from SMrs. Sheltra saying she had heard of a really nice house to rent only they want $250 plus utilities a month.  Sounded pretty stiff but we have written for more information.  If we don't find a house to rent before we go then I guess we're going to have to sell Kuman [dog].

Well, unless we hear from you we will see you either Thursday or Friday.

Love, Catherine & X
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2.30 - next Sat. [written in Dad's handwriting, possibly the time of the scheduled dental visit.]

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