Friday, March 01, 2013

1973? MV's Trip to Chicago

MV writes a school report about a trip to Chicago. I'm guessing this would have been in 3rd grade but could have been 2nd?  Transcription follows.
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My Trip to Chicago
By Mary Va Uible
Last Friday I left early from school to go to Chicago.  First We went through Indiana and had supper on the way.  Then after we got over the State line of Illinois, we were practiclly (sp?) in Chicago.  We got off at the Lake St. Exit.  Then we went to the John Hancock Center where were staying.  We were on the 52 Floor.

The next day was very cold.  So we took the buses to the Museum of Science and Industry.  We stayed there till about noon.  Then we went down the walk and across the street to the "El" (elevated (sp?) transit).  We took it to Randolf St. and got off.  Then we went to Stoffers (sp?) for lunch.  After that we went to Marshall Field, One of the biggest Department stores in the country. Then we went back to the John Hancock center for supper.  Then we drove around and had Ice cream.  Then we went back went to bed then left the next morning.

[Teacher's note]  
Sounds like a very nice trip.  Take time to use the dictionary when necessary


Mary Crowson said...

My only clue is that the teacher's handwriting is Roseanna Wills Curtis, whom I had the 2nd half of 5th grade when Linda Compton was on maternity leave to have her oldest child. So that was approximately 1974-75?

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

Mary, I can't believe you would recognize the writing of a substitute (even if long term) teacher. I think going to Chicago was an annual if not bi-annual event for awhile – maybe even a long while!

HH adds: MV – Enjoyed reading your letter in the blog about the trip to Chicago 40 years ago.

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