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1983 Family Letter - March 20

Transcription follows.

Sunday, March 20, 1983

Dear Family:

Activity has picked up on the home front with MV and MY now here . . . sure glad that we have more than one bathroom.  MY fixed a Korean dish for us Thursday evening and had her sister in also.

Thursday morning the Farm Bureau had invited the Commissioners to have breakfast with them with the cost to be the farmer's share of what a breakfast at a restaurant would cost.  They figured the meal at the local restaurant would be $3.80 for eggs, sausage, juice, toast and jelly, rolls and beverage, and the farmers share would be 35¢.

Friday evening we went to Montgomery for supper at the Stage Door Restaurant, which is run by the Evelands from Wilmington and the waiters, etc. are students at the U.C. Conservatory and all take turns in singing, etc..  The evening was a double birthday celebration of MV and Jeanne Sankers' birthdays.  It was the first time we had seen both of the Sankers since last July in Paris.

Got the furnace system at Mothers going yesterday and glad that everything went well .. she will be home on the 29th. We are glad that Serena had an uneventful trip from KC back to Chicago with the car.  Roberta was quite enthused about attending the Creative Management Symposium at Schuller's Church in Garden Grove, CA.  We haven't heard from X and John since they went to the meeting in Boston this past week.  We were sorry to have missed the Morgan's call last night as we went to Hillsboro for the square dance.  After four years we are feeling more confident in being able to do most of the calls at the dances.  Next Thursday night is graduation night for the lesson class.  Last Thursday evening Orville Harner had some of the group out to his house for a St. Patrick Day party.  Orville does keep busy in going to dances and that was one of Melba's wishes before she passed away.

Wendy had big news for us and all - she has lost her first tooth AND now sleeps in her own waterbed.  We have talked to them since we started this letter - makes distance seems so much closer and always glad to hear.  Sorry we missed their calls earlier this week.  Did talk to Serena - I worked both Tuesday and Wednesday in order to have some out-patient surgery done at the hospital on Thursday.  That's the way to have it done - in and out the same day - doesn't seem like you've had any at all.  Didn't go to the dance until late and then to Orvilles for a little while that same night.  In good shape now.

Anxious to hear more about John and X's trip to Boston and L'Abri.  MV led the music again at Port William this morning and Mie Young accompanied her there.  Their youth are really super active.  (All ages!).

Much love from us all here,
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