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1983 Family Letter - March 27

Here's the late March family news from 1983. For the record M = $1000. For more information about the history of the Wilmington Public Library check out this website:  Transcription of letter follows.

Sunday, March 27, 1983

Dear Family:

We took the girls back to Wilmington College this afternoon as their last quarter begins tomorrow.  The Wilmington Library had a ground breaking ceremony this afternoon for an alteration to the present facility that will cost  100M+ (the original building in 1904 was $12M)  Oh yes, in the "old days" the librarian's salary was $250.00 per year.

Dad was gone Friday afternoon and Saturday to a hospital meeting on "Strategy for the future of Clinton Memorial Hospital" in which they had four outside speakers on various aspects and the problems of keeping a small hospital viable.

Mary Virginia had the special music at Church today and Mie Young has been busy making a new dress for her S. W. Miss Ohio pageant which is coming up next weekend.  The gals in the contention has dropped from 70 to thirty some.

Roberta is moving down the street a little - her new address will be 3645 West Vogel, Phx., AZ. 85202  Guess this will make their operation a little smoother.  The new place also has a pool . . . . sounds interesting.  She and the aides also have to take 30 hours of lifesaving!

The John Hughes have returned from their Mexican trailer trip - some 10M miles with fifteen other "rigs"  The card we got from them was over a month en route.  Laura mentioned that another party had an experience in the card taking over a year to get back to the USA.

Serena, are you helping in the next Chicago election?  Jane Byrne [first female mayor of Chicago served from 1979-1983] has been in the news.  We talk about going to Newark, Chicago and points west to visit with all you but we have not gotten into "gear" yet.  We are looking forward to having X and John overnight for two nights in April and hopefully Serena will make it home for Easter.  Roberta plans to come for Cris's wedding and we do plan to see the Morgans in Florida next December.

Grace Long passed away last Thursday at the age of 71 of cancer.  You may remember that she brought us fruit cake so regularly at Christmas time.  There were no calling hours and the funeral was private so I haven't seen any of the family but Dad took a dish of tapioca and saw Beth, he thinks.  It is sad though for don't think they really got to enjoy their retirements with her not feeling good for so long.

Sorry I missed your call Roberta but glad Dad got to talk to you as I am usually the only one home when you call.  Had nice chat with Catherine, Gerry and Wendy last week but seems like a long time ago now.  They are beginning to enjoy more free time now that they are relieved of the Elks' secretarial duties.  It was like a full time job in itself!

Hope John and X enjoyed their week at L'Abri and Boston and hope to hear more about it and the conference in Dayton which they as well as Mary Virginia plan to attend the week immediately after Easter,

[Love, etc.]

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