Saturday, March 23, 2013

1993 Roberta & MV's postcards to G'ma - March

Roberta and MV chose the same card – or the only one available – to send to Grandma from the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Transcription follows.
Ribbon Falls - Grand Canyon National Park - postcard, mailed 1993
Captioned:  Ribbon Falls.  Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.  Photograph by Doug Carlson.  These falls are one of the idyllic microenvironments of Grand Canyon.  They are near the Cottonwood Campground on the North Kaibab Trail.
 "Mailed by Mule at the bottom of the Grand Canyon - Phantom Ranch"

[From MV]  Hi, Grandma! We made it down – Dad in the [best] shape, I in the worst!  For going back up I've borrowed Catherine's extra shoes & Roberta's special socks.  I hope it's easier going up than coming down!  Love, Mary Virginia

 [From Roberta]  Hi, Grandma! We all made it to the bottom – Dad puts us all to shame – he is in such good shape – Mom did not hike down!  Joe Horton hiked too – along with Catherine  John & Mary Virginia!  Five of your grandchildren altogether!  Love, Roberta

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