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1983 Family Letter - March 6

Did not try to recreate all the original typos, but I'm sure there are some new ones included by accident if not on purpose.  Transcription follows.

March 6, 1983

Dear Family:

This past week has been a fast one-starting with our return trip from Florida last Monday morning and Mary Virginia met us.  Our bag of oranges and grapefruit were mixed up . . . in Dayton we found waiting for us a bag of each, with names of people in Cincinnati on the one and Celina for the other, so we hope it was a fair swap.

We have had "great weather" since we have been home.  Worked the garden over one evening and planted some peas.  Compared to what we have been hearing about California we have really been having unusually good weather - dry sunny and warm!  It has been in the 70's since Wednesday - can't complain about that.

We have heard from all the family this past week - either by phone, letter or both.  Aunt Virginia called just a few minutes after we got back from Florida and was glad to talk to her.  Maureen has set the date for her wedding - and it is on the 25th of June, the very same day as Cris and Angela's!  Of course we would like to go to both places to be on hand for both celebrations but it just doesn't look too possible.  That's taking it for granted we will be getting invitations to both the weddings.

The Salisburys (Leon and Esther) left for Florida Thursday by way of Alabama and they hope they will get better mileage on their camper than we got - gas is cheaper and they won't have to run the furnace like we did.  They could carry water in the tank without fear of its freezing at this time too.

We really enjoyed the Horton's hospitality, all the fresh fruit and good food - we ate too much and found the scales on the heavy side.  Thought it was the Florida scales but found ours were registering the same thing.  The oranges and grapefruit are especially good this year due to the cooler damp weather they have had.  We were sorry not to get to see Rob and Cindy again or talk to them before we left.  They are both busy teaching overtime but did get to see them twice - the first weekend we were there.  They have a nice apartment and are moving into a lovely complex not quite finished yet but they are busy getting things ready for it.

Dad and I went over to Port William Methodist Church this morning for Mary Virginia was leading the music in the choir director's absence.  She did real well and they have such an active and alive church.  So many mentioned her talent and personality and how happy they are that she has become part of their group.

It was nice getting to see Roberta but she didn't have too much time to relax and rest while she was in Florida.  She visited a number of senior facilities similar to Senior Village all over the state and they kept giving her more names and addresses to contact.

Appreciated Serena's call - sorry that she has had the flu but is better now - wasn't able to take the LSAT because of not feeling well but perhaps another time.  In the meantime she is working at Roosevelt University and having interviews.

John was promoted to Assistant Trust Officer at Park National and he and X are going to Boston the middle of March to L'Abri for relection and study.  This was founded by the Francis Schaeffers.

[on left margin] Gerry is next in line for the head of the Madras Elks - can't think of his official title but he will soon be relieved of his secretary's duties which have been quite time consuming and kept them both super busy.  Wendy talks so plainly on the phone and is thrilled with her new duties as the librarian's helper at the pre school.  They are making plans to go to Florida for next Christmas which sounds exciting.

G'ma is doing real well and has her reservations to come home March 29th which will soon be here and she and Roberta are thinking about a trip on the Mississippi River before Cris & Angela's wedding.

[Love, etc.]

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