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1982 MUH Letter - March 16

An Aunt Mary letter a year out of sync but don't want to save it until 2022. Transcription follows.

March 16th - Tues. [1982]

Dear Jean, Harold & Family:

This '25th' ltr never got in the mail.  HA!!  I had hoped to add a P.S. which never got done!!!  And ;my activities ltr read about the same every wk . . . . at least on a monthly routine basis . . . .  Really, letter-writing to me is a CHORE . . . . . (right now I SHOULD BE OUTDOORS PICKING MULBERRIES . . . . there is laundry to do . . . the house is a COMPLETE MESS . . . . on and on . . . )  And I sandwich G'Ma in between . . . she can think of more things "that ought to be done" . . . . . . HA!!!  And she and Bill are at each other most of the time . . . . it is a real riot around here!!!!

What I want to know . . . . . . what can I do about G'Ma's 90th in the WAY OF HELPING?????  Jean, after she leaves here, how about a note expressing your opinions.  Have you and Harold decided on just what we're doing and the date???  Am I right, that WHATEVER is to be June 20th????  The Hortons are trying to coordinate a family routine around are stay in Ohio.  ????  If there is anything I can do I WANT TO BE AVAILABLE AND TO HELP YOU.  Did you give up the idea of the GOLDEN LAMB? As far as I know now, Mares and family are planning to be there on the 19th and also Cris.  Probably NOT for Rob.  Have you decided rather on AN OPEN HOUSE?  IF, so, are you sending out any invitations . . . . and do you need me to write any?  I'd be HAPPY TO!!!  (Like to the nieces, nephews, etc.????)  We want to share in any of the expense . . . . and how about the gift???  Could we share in that . . . . and any ideas.

I think I'm already messed up on the date . . . . . . I was thinking yo said the 19th and that is on a SATURDAY instead of SUNDAY . . . . so next time yo write straight me out so I can keep the Horton "kids" informed.  HA!!!

I try to keep G'Ma on the move and she has been out quite a lot this winter and done some fun things . . . . the winter has been one of our BEST!!!!  She keeps you all up to date . . . . she write faithfully every week . . . . I admire her "guts"!!!  She's got her suitcases out airing this AM and will begin packing.  She looks forward to returning to Ohio.

Congrats to MV on her tenor solo!!!  (They've NEVER asked me to do a solo . . . . ha . . . . and NO WONDER . . . . my voice CRACKS when I get above middle C . . .ha).  But I enjoy singing tenor part and am called THE TENORETTE . . . . we only have 3 male tenors.

Had an interesting ltr from Joe yesterday with several pictures.  He had gone on a trip in Feb. to visit some Arab students and stayed at the Marriott Dhahran Hotel.  Went 500 kilo south of Jeddah to Baljershy (sp..??) arab tribe of Ghamdis.  It is Spring time there and the peach trees were in blossom . . . they had a lot of rain so things were green and streams running . . . . rare for S.A.  He took many photos to be used for future oil paintings.  Neat experience . . . . stars at night in the desert with no outside lights . . . so cold at night that he used his car heater (didn't realize he had one).  On return trip took a student and he said it took for ever as he had to stop frequently to PRAY and to smoke hubbly bubbly.  Should xerox his ltr as it is most interesting.  Since Bill doesn't go to the office regularly isn't too convenient for that deal.

That piano number MV was going to do . . . . . was relieved that she didn't do it . . . . was of College callibre . . . . . maybe another time . . . . .Are you gong to take any more piano???  It's a bore sometimes . . . . just practice, practice . . . . . . I enjoy playing church hymns and 'pop'.  Ran out of paper and I have to write to the kids . . . . bye for now
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Mary Crowson said...

I don't know that it matters, but the music stuff in question was at OMEA ratings (Ohio Music Educators) at Miami Univ in Oxford. My piano teacher entered me and I played "Polonaise Militare" by Chopin and entered myself to sing a tenor solo (made a copy of the paperwork) on my own. Got a better rating in the tenor solo than on the piano as I recall.

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