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1993 Family Letter - March 14

Written on the computer and cleanly printed on what evidently was a piece of "scrap" office stationary.  One day and ten years have passed since the letter posted yesterday.  Transcription follows.

Mar.14, 1993
Dearest Family'

I'm still trying to use this computer but it either erases too much or won't go back to where I want it to go.  We have had some real winter weather the last couple of  days as we heard the Crowsons did too – their first though – snowed in their driveway so Don cancelled his church services.  We don't know how M.V. could get to Somerset.

Today we went down to the Westboro United [Methodist] Church; they were dedicating their new addition and the new bishop had been invited to speak but she postponed her trip for two weeks and our district superintendent spoke instead.  Their new addition is really gorgeous.  They have done much of the work themselves.  The sanctuary stayed about the same but they have quintupled the space in the back with three or four Sunday School rooms, kitchen and a big room which can be used for fellowship hall, basketball court or whatever.

We did remember to give the Nichols the picture you, Roberta had taken of the musical group that played for the Hortons anniversary.  We said when the Hortons got to New Vienna we'd invite them (Grace and Walter, [1913-2007]) to see the video of the part of the orchestra especially of Walter and the children (Laura and Wil Horton) and Nancy Henderson's daughter.

After the service was over we went up to Hillsboro to see G'ma who is doing real well.  She had the equivalent of three glasses of milk plus soup and crackers and a fresh grapes we had taken to her a few days ago.

Your Mother has hit all the high spots.  We did splurge (Ha) last week and saw the movie "Homeward Bound" which was unique and it was a bargain at $1.50 admission charge.  It was in the paper recently that they are going to add three more theaters to the two in the shopping plaza at Wilmington.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in Phoenix by Wed., March 24. and we also (at least I) will see the Crowsons this Wed. as she is going on the Emmaus Walk this coming weekend.

With much love to all of you,

Dad and Mother
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Mary Crowson said...

Don't know that I've heard/read the word "quintupled" much if ever. Looking forward to next week!!

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