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1973 Catherine's Letter - March 7


March 7, 1973  1:30 P.M.
Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John, and Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for your latest letter, it arrived Monday.  Glad you had a good time in New York, sounds like you had a busy time.  Have you seen any reviews of Ann Morrow Lindberg's new book?  Hour of Lead, Hour of Gold I think is the name of it.  I saw it reviewed in the Chicago Tribune last Sunday and also in the NYT book review magazine.

We had our "spring break" this past weekend with Thursday and Friday off from classes.  We spent Thursday and Friday at the University of Chicago Library.  Spent Thursday night in a dorm room which a girl we knew from K had fixed us up with.  This girl, Peg Corwin, is going to library school at U of C and it was interesting to talk to her.  They get an A.M. degree instead of M.L.S. and they have to take hours worth of comprehensive exams plus write a thesis, I had enough of that in college, I wouldn't want to go through it again.

I hope Mary is all recooperated (sp?) [where was my dictionary?] by now.  X and I haven't been sick all winter although it seems his mother has got some kind of bug 98% of the time.

It is possible that we might be able to go to Williamsburg.  We would have to miss some classes so it would depend on whether any of our teachers would be planning tests for then and what other school demands (i.e. papers) we have at that time.  How many of you are going?  We don't want to drive our car that far, but we also don't wnat to crowd you.

We are doing pretty well in getting things organized here.  We made a trip to the dump this morning with the car packed.  We also go to Sears every few days and pick up empty boxes.  We are going to leave some stuff in storage here and some we are going to try to sell.  It's alot of work but it does weed out alot of stuff that is unnecessary to our existence.  We have checked with U-Haul and some other rent truck-renting places.  U-Haul is the only one that we can turn in in Sanford the others we would have to backtrack to someplace in New Hampshire or Boston.  If we can I think we'll sell X's Mom's car and tow our behind the truck.

We never heard of Louis C. Hall.  However, his name is in the phone book.  It says his business is relatively close to down-town while his residence is way south of town on Westnedge.

I'll try checking on the Michigan law regarding leases.  We'll let you known on the details.  Will you accept goods in payment?  Powdered milk maybe?  I haven't found any recipes yet for soap bubbles.  What kind of recipe are you using now?

When X was in Sanford he stayed at Allen's Motel which is across the street from the library.  Is it in your AAA book?   Mrs. Sheltra has written me concerning a full time job in Sanford.  I would be making a rather "unprofessional" salary but that's more than I would get doing nothing.  In fact, I think the only way I could make more money would be to get a professional library job at Nasson College which probably aren't available every day.  She is also helping us secure a place to live in Sanford although she keeps recommending places that are for rent sale instead of for rent.

I forgot to mention something about our trip to Illinois last weekend.  On Sunday we went to a state park near Ottawa called Starved Rock.  It was a really nice place with lots of trails and a camping ground although we didn't see the latter.  It's on a river, the Illinois, I think and there are lots of gullies and bluffs.  Have you ever been there?  If not, be sure and put it on your itemmy itinerary for your next trip that direction.

Love, Catherine & X

P.S. Yes, Gina know Joe.

* * * * * * * * * *
On the back side of this letter was a copy of Catherine's resume, partially scanned below.  Roberta, Serena and John, though unnamed, get credit for being "subordinates" on the paper route!

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