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1983 Family Letter - March 13

Details about most of the family.  Transcription follows.

Sunday –
March 13, 1983
Dearest Family -

This is the first Sunday we have been home for about six weeks to attend both Sunday School and church.  Wendell Mahanes asked us to be the greeters so we felt like we were reintroducing ourselves meeting everyone at the door.  There were eight in our junior high Sunday School class which is more than we have had for a long time.  We are making plans to go to La Comedia to see The Sound of Music for just the play (not the lunch before hand as it is just the musical only that afternoon.)  But think they all just happened to come the same day; and there's still a couple who often come but weren't there.

Someone brought daffodils they had picked along the wayside that make the church look real springish.  They said they were just growing wild – most people's aren't blooming yet.  Also saw some forsythia in bloom the middle of last week.  The snow we had Friday morning would have coated everything but didn't stay too long.

Jeanne Wolfe [1936-2002] had pneumonia and was in the hospital.  She is not allowed to finish the school year and must lose 100 pounds if she hopes to be around more than a couple of years.  She is on an 800 calorie diet which is hard on her but should help the whole family as they are all overweight.  Jacalyn Walker Sharp had been substituting for her and has taken over her class through the rest of the year.

Mary Virginia was here to borrow the car Friday to go to a wedding in Columbus – she and a friend stayed with John and X – MV played the piano & Jeanne Liggett called afterwards to say that she had done a good job.  Then last night she went to Port William to attend another wedding of Elise Delaney who used to live in New Vienna.  MV didn't stay too long when she returned the car but reported that John and X are fine.  They are having company so won't be down for Easter but we hope to see them & another couple when they stay overnight Thursday and Friday nites after Easter while they attend a seminar in Dayton.  I'm sure their time will be limited then if they don't get here til late and leave early the next mornings.  But it will be nice seeing them.

Serena called from Kansas City last week which was a surprise – perhaps she will have news on the job situation there.  She had had a problem with the radiator pump and hopefully that is the only problem she has but the car is getting age on it.

Catherine and Gerry are counting the days til they give up their secretary's work with the Elks.  They won't know what to do with all their spare time though Gerry is to be installed as the 1st in line for the head of the local Elks group.  Wish that we could be there for it but a bit far but glad of the honor for him for he is very capable.

Roberta wrote that is or was going to attend a seminar given by Robert Schuller – don't know if it was in Phoenix but hadn't heard it was elsewhere.  That should be interesting.

Mie Young is to come here for spring break this Wednesday and Mary Virginia is coming Thursday – Mie Young has to prepare for the Miss SW (Southwestern) Ohio contest which is to be held Apr. 1st and 2nd.  She plans to sing for her talent part of it.  She says that there are about 70 contestants so glad she is taking part but wouldn't want to have to judge that many – more than they have ever had.

Last Friday evening seven of us went to Washington C.H. for a square dance raid and yesterday was the annual Lions Club Pancake Day – attendance was not too great, but did see some new faces.  The weather was very cooperative.  We have ground staked off across the street to be plowed for M.V. expanded flower/tree bed.  Dad spoke to two classes of the 7th grade – it was a question period.. so all had to be awake.

[Love, etc.]
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